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In this photo illustration the Netflix logo is reflected in the eye of a woman on September 19, 2014 in Paris, France.

Netflix binge watching as we know it, could be over! For years we’ve been able to depend on Netflix to put up entire seasons of shows all at once. Gone were the days of having to wait a week to see what was going to happen on your favorite show. As a society, we became spoiled. We might have to go back to waiting for new episodes. According to Screen Rant, Netflix could be moving to weekly releases for some shows.

Netflix is feeling the pressure from other streaming services like Disney +, HBO Max, Hulu and Peacock. All of these services are also putting out new shows on a regular basis, and a lot of them are putting out shows weekly. This approach keeps viewers coming back week after week. Screen Rant’s website says Netflix currently uses the weekly episode drop method with some reality competition shows, and that could be what happens with most shows moving forward.

The folks at Netflix have sort of been playing with this method for a while. Remember when they split up the most recent seasons of “Stranger Things” and “Ozark”. We got half of the season, and then a month or so later we got the second half. I don’t really know how I feel about this. I’ve been used to coming back week after week for new episodes of my favorite shows. However, I do love being able to power through a full season of something in a few days.

You won’t have to worry about “Stranger Things” Season 5. Netflix is going to release that show the same way they always have. Again, this is all stuff Netflix is talking about, they haven’t made a permanent decision just yet. I wonder if they will only do this with the less popular shows, and leave the popular shows alone. That’s what they should do if you ask me, of course no one asked me.

Netflix Reportedly Wants To Move Away From Binge Model Releases

Netflix's days of binge model releases could be coming to an end, as the streaming service reportedly could move to weekly releases for some shows. Binge model releases are a staple of Netflix , but a new report claims the streaming service wants to begin moving away from them and embrace more week-to-week releases.