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Keith Urban is dazzling his audiences all over the country on his current “The Speed of Now Tour,” and he fulfilled one fan’s dream at a show over the weekend in San Diego. Keith looked into the crowd during the show, searching for a fan to bring on stage, when he spotted a sign: “I want a tattoo, draw my first tattoo.” Keith asked, You serious? Okay, come on.”

The woman came to the stage, and he said, “Ah, this is gonna go well.” He then asked her name, and she told him Amy, to which Keith sings a parody of the 1970s Pure Praire League song with her name, changing the words a bit to fit the situation. He sings, “Amy, what you wanna do? I think we can draw a tattoo on you. How crazy; maybe you are too.”

Urban told the fan, “So first of all, your sign says you want to get a tattoo.” She said, “Oh yeah, I want you to draw one.” He said, “You’ve seen my drawing skills, but you still want it anyway.” She said, “I still want it.” Then Keith asked, “What do you want, and where do you want it?” She giggles and replies, “I don’t know, a momento from the concert.” Urban says, “Maybe I’ll draw a pick; let’s get a Sharpie here for that.” He then started to draw on her arm and drew what looks like a heart; he said, “That’s a pick, rather?” and then he signed his name, writing, “Keith drew this,” as one fan in the audience screamed out, “Lucky.”

Keith is no stranger to tattoos, as he has many on his chest, arms, and hands. His most famous tattoo is one of his wife Nicole Kidman’s name on his right upper arm. He also has a tattoo of “Mary” on his right-hand fingers. That is Nicole’s middle name.

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