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Water in your cereal? Yep, that’s what Kellogg’s wants you to do with their new Instabowls. According to Food And Wine Kellogg’s has now introduced disposable cereal bowls that already have milk in them, you just add cold water. The new Instabowls will turn your water into milk. Isn’t science fantastic?! Most times if people saw you adding water to your cereal, they would think you were weird, or broke. Now there’s no judgment. Adding water to your cereal is totally acceptable.

Kellogg’s Instabowls are now on sale at select Walmart stores. Walmart plans to sell them nationwide on As of now, there are four flavors of Kellogg’s Instabowls. Flavors include “Frosted Flakes”, “Froot Loops”, “Apple Jacks” and “Raisin Bran Crunch”. Each one will cost around $2.

I’m going to be honest, if I can find these at the Grovetown Walmart, I’ll give them a shot. Check out this video of a lady who works at Walmart who loved them.

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