Dub’s Playlist keeps growing, and this week I’m giving you one of my favorites from Ray Fulcher. We can’t wait to see Ray at Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull this year. I’m going to ask him very nicely if he’ll play this song. “Love Ya Son, Go Dawgs” is one of my favorite songs that Ray has ever done. Being that it’s Border Bash week, I felt like this one was appropriate.

By the way if you missed Ray playing “Can’t Beat Jess” a few weeks back, you can hear it here. This song has been on my playlist for a while, I hope y’all love it. As a Georgia Bulldogs fan, and a Ray Fulcher fan, I know I do. If you want to see the video for this song, which features Ray’s dad, you can watch it here.

Hope y’all enjoy it, and don’t forget, GO DAWGS!

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