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Luke Combs released his new album Growin’ Up in June, but he’s already started work on new music. He co-wrote a new song the other day and shared it with his followers. 

Luke posted a video of him singing the entire new song. Combs captioned the almost three-minute video clip on his Instagram, “Wrote this one yesterday with @brent_cobb and @aaronraitiere. Loved it and thought y’all might wanna hear it. Disclaimer: This video may contain sub-par guitar playing and less-than-desirable facial expressions.”

The song starts out, “Days like these are worth more than gold / but they can’t be bought, and they can’t be sold / On days like these when the sun shines bright / I feel like all is gonna be alright.” 

The chorus includes the lyrics, “When the sky is blue / And the grass is green / How much better can it be / If I got you, and you got me / We got everything we need / Even if it grew on trees / Money can’t buy days like these.”

Pop sensation Diplo was the first to comment on the new song and posted a Goat emoji.  Other fans commented as well, with one fan writing, “Reminds me of ‘Millionaire’ by Chris.” Chris Stapleton’s 2017 song “Millionaire” which includes the lyric, “Because love is more precious than gold / It can’t be bought, no, never could be sold / I got love enough to share / That makes me a millionaire.” 

Another fan said, “I’m betting this is his next big hit before we see him next.” While one more fan wrote, “Love that you can hear @brent_cobb and @aaronraitiere voicings and lyrical cadence come through. Great song!” 

One of the new song’s co-writers Brett Cobb, who will be joining Combs on his 2023 world tour, commented on the post, “Gotdawg! Just the damn truth.”

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