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Kane Brown took an E! News journalist for a drive in his 2022 new “baby” GT 500 customized “Twister” orange Mustang with KB on the wheels and even in the engine near his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kane was asked on the drive what he missed the most about not being famous. He said, “I miss just being able to just hang out with my friends. Honestly, this may sound crazy, too; I kinda miss living with my Nana. There are just certain things I miss; I even miss my 2002 Honda. I had to really work for that, like when I was working at Costco in the worst department in Costco, but I bought that car for like 2,000 dollars, and it meant something to me.”

Raised by all women, Brown said what that did to him, “I would say it made me a softhearted person. I’m a big softie. I am bad at showing emotions, though, so you wouldn’t really know.”

He continued, “I care for everything like, ‘Don’t hurt this butterfly.’ But I also felt like that’s why God gave me girls. I love to be a girl dad. My mom, she used to sing to me all the time. We used to do this thing where we watched American Idol and basically judged each other. She would always say I made it, and I would always say, ‘You didn’t.’ And that was like my bedtime story.”

When the E! reporter calls Kane the biggest car collector in the South after being shown his collection, Brown says, “No, I’m definitely not. but I do love cars, man; I grew up not being able to afford them, so now it’s just like my hobby.” Showing off his cars, Kane showed a car that he had made to look like a car from the movie franchise The Fast and the Furious. He said proudly, “It’s a 2007 limited edition Subaru. It was originally silver, but I just had it wrapped; I’m a huge Fast and Furious fan, Jessie drove one like this, and I just love it.”

Jesse was a member of Dominic Toretto’s crew in the Fast and the Furious movies. Jesse, as described by one Fast and Furious fan website, was a mechanic and software designer that helped with more technical aspects of Dominic’s highway truck thefts.

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