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Kane Brown is currently enjoying his first visit to Australia as he posted several videos and images of him and his band on a boat in Sydney, Australia, on his Insta stories.

Before he headed “down under,” he drove around Nashville with an E! News journalist and answered some questions in his orange GT 500 Mustang. Kane talked about how sports helped him achieve success in the music business. “I was always trying to be the best person on the court or on the football field or baseball field. I think that kinda carried into the music world. I just wanna be the best that I can be. I want to be the best person I can be.”

He added, “It makes you a better person, [it teaches you to] not give up. Like when I am talking to myself in the gym: ‘Come on, you can do it, 15 more reps!'”

Brown also revealed his biggest fear and that he hopes to one day conquer it. But he’s not so sure he will have the stomach for it. He said, “I want to go cage diving with sharks; it’s my biggest fear.” When the journalist said he could never do that himself, Kane admitted, “I don’t think I can either.”

Brown also revealed who made him and his wife Katelyn a bit starstruck when they bumped into her at the recent VMAs. It was Cardi B. Kane said, “It was different because she ran into me and my wife, and my wife was a big fan, and she just looked us in the eyes and was smiling.”

Speaking of his wife, he noted of their new duet “Thank God,” “My wife can sing her tail off. My fanbase has always known that she could sing, and we used to do covers when we first started dating. So they’ve been asking for like five years for us to do a song, and we finally found the right one. I think it’s gonna be the biggest song on my album.”

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