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It’s official:  Ashley McBryde is releasing a new album on September 30th called “Ashley McBryde Presents:  Lindeville”.  And if the album is half as fun to HEAR as it was to make, I’m in.

It started a few years ago during songwriting sessions.  Quote, “We wrote ‘Blackout Betty’, and I realized we’d written previous songs called ‘Shut Up Sheila’ on [my album] ‘Never Will’ . . . plus ‘Livin’ Next to Leroy’ from ‘Girl Going Nowhere’.”

She imagined those characters living in a fictional town called Lindeville.  So, she got those writers together again and they made up more characters.

“We stayed in Tennessee in this little house close to a lake.  It was eight bottles of tequila, two cartons of cigarettes, one kitchen table and six individuals out of their minds.”

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