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Tim McGraw took a tumble at a show during a recent festival performance in Aroniz, and one fan caught the whole incident on video and shared it on TikTok.

In the video, Tim was playing a show at the Boots in the Park in Tempe, Arizona, and is applauding his band when he takes a knee to honor them, and when he tries to get up, his jeans are so tight that it causes him to buckle a bit and he ends up falling off the front of the stage. Luckily, two security guards catch him, and he uses the moment to greet fans in the first few rows.

Whodis88 posted the video to TikTok, and the comments poured in from fans. He captioned the video, “@postmalone and @lukebryan, you 2 aren’t the only ones falling. Hopefully, you both are okay as well.”

One fan wrote, “Not judging because Tim can do what he wants, but looks drunk to me…” Another fan noted, “That’s a catch of a lifetime, lol.” One more fan commented, “I’m glad he’s okay. He looks exhausted. that AZ heat ain’t no joke.” One more fan said, “He stumbled in the beginning, but he had his balance at the end. He meant to do that !!”

Another observer wrote, “I’m glad he is okay… it kinda looked like someone stopped him from hitting hard.”

McGraw is no stranger to having his unplanned concert moments caught on camera. In October of last year  he jumped off the stage to confront a heckler. While performing “Just to See You Smile,” he forgot some of the lyrics. One fan started to boo. Tim stopped the show and said to the heckler, “Then why are you doing that? Then leave.” He jumped off the stage and got right in the heckler’s face.

During the confrontation, you can hear fans yelling, “Just do the show.” One fan complained, “This is ridiculous.”

Tim McGraw - Country Music Superstar!