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Kane Brown is returning from his first trip to Australia and New Zealand. He had a blast at his sold-out shows down under. He posted a handful of images from his shows in Australia and captioned the photos, “A Boy from a small town in north Georgia who never really left until he started doing music went all the way to Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne Australia and had a freaking blast! I’m so over the moon! Y’all were amazing, and I’ll see y’all again soon.”

Several fans reacted to the post, including some that were in the crowd. One fan revealed, “I got proposed to during heaven last night with ten heart emojis).” Another fan who was there said, “Bring the fam and spend some time touring New Zealand next time; they’ll love it.” One more fan wrote, “You were amazing on Friday at CMC!”

As we wrote last week, Kane was enjoying his first visit to Australia as he posted several videos and images of himself and his band on a boat in Sydney, Australia, on his Insta stories.

Brown revealed on an Australia talk show last week that it has been challenging to order food and “things” while down under. He told one reporter, “This morning I called down to get some chicken fingers, and they were like, ‘Huh?'”

He posted the exchange on his Instagram, writing, “Chicken tenders?”

Morgan Evans, a native Australian country singer, commented, “Haha, here if you need a translator, brother! See you next week!”

One fan commented, “Wait. I live in Kansas and grew up in Oklahoma. It’s chicken tenders, not chicken fingers. Lol.” Another fan responded, “Yes, we call it chicken tenders in Australia.” One more fan said, “He’s so cute & real.”

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