Tee Gentry


It’s hard to imagine country stars doing anything before they got famous. But it hasn’t always been glitz and glamour.

Did you know artists like Faith Hill served up burgers? Or that Craig Campbell was IN PRISON… as an employee.

Our friends over at The Boot put together a list of some of the best jobs that country stars had before they were famous.

Faith Hill served up burgers and fries at an extremely famous fast food joint, and, judging from her experience there, she probably doesn’t show up in their drive-thru very much. Once upon a time, Carrie Underwood was a gas station attendant. And Craig Campbell was in prison — not as an inmate, but as an employee.”

Wide Open Country says that Reba was a rancher before she got famous!

“In Reba McEntire‘s autobiography, she goes into detail about her early life as a little girl on her daddy’s farm in Oklahoma. She recalls one anecdote where she was helping her father castrate bulls. He’d lop ’em off and hand them to his little girl, who would plop them in a bucket. Then Reba would bring them up to the house where they would clean them and bring them up to the kitchen to fry. What a big switch: cowhand to superstar.”

You need to check out the full list. Some of them are really surprising.