Tee Gentry


We all have seen them lined up on front porches at Cracker Barrel restaurants all across America.  But does anyone really buy the rocking chairs?

The old pictures, clothes, music, the fireplace, eggs, and rocking chairs. So, while walking in to have  breakfast this morning ,  I passed the rocking chairs out front and I wondered, does anyone really buy them? Yes, they do! Big time!

Those rocking chairs, according to our friends at Mashed.com, are made for Cracker Barrel by a source in Springfield, Tennessee (so yep, even the chairs are southern). The source is the Hinkle Chair Company, a family company that has been in the furniture-making biz for eons. Well, at least since their triple-great grandfather started a side hustle from his farm almost 180 years ago. The company makes about 200,000 rocking chairs a year for Cracker Barrel restaurants. You can buy chairs through Hinkle directly, but if you want the Cracker Barrel logo on your rocker, you’ll need to buy it from their store for $219.99. It’s nice to know they stay true to their roots even with the furniture, which is not only American made but also Southern-made.