I grew up in the South.  So I know many people who hunt.  While my dad wasn’t a hunter, I had friends with deer heads hanging on their walls. Sure, I was a little creeped out (I swear those things look like they’re watching you). But this Georgia couple’s unique use of deer skulls has gone viral on TikTok!

To be honest, I love seeing people’s homes on TikTok.  There are some really beautiful houses, and people who are WAY better at decorating than I could ever dream of being.  And there are many kitchens and bathrooms I’d LOVE to have at my house.  But this is one bathroom makeover I couldn’t see myself loving.  But hey, there are all kinds of kinds, right?

The woman who posted the video uses the hashtag #besthusbandever.  And honestly, this is a really creative way to utilize the deer skulls.  I would’ve never in a million years thought of it.

It’s definitely different!  And it does look cool.  I guess depending on your style, it could work for some.  But anyway, that’s just part one.  That video alone has over 13.5 MILLION views, and 1.7 million likes.  It does raise some questions.  One person asked if the antlers are the hot and cold.  Which is a great question, because you can’t really tell from this video how it turns on and off.

And I guess that’s where part 2 comes in.


Part 2 on skull sink! There will be a part 3 once the diverter comes in, but I know everyone was waiting! #fyp #masterbathroom #thatsmyhusband @mccurley1989

♬ Deer Huntin Man - Single - Michael Austin

An interesting way to turn the water on and off… She does reply to someone’s comment saying there is hot and cold water, and the handle currently turns both sinks on.  They are waiting on a part to come in so they can fix that.