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Gwen Stefani took a moment to guide fans through her husband Blake Shelton’s flannel shirt-wearing life and posted the cute video on Instagram.

From the set of The Voice, Gwen donning a bright pink dress shows some pictures of Blake in his favorite look. She says, showing him playing the guitar in the early 20002, “Blake Shelton in a flannel, I mean, who doesn’t love it? Honestly, this one over here is throwing out some ultra babe vibes; like, what? I’m glad I didn’t actually know Blake back in the day because I don’t know if I could have handled it.”

She continues, “Oh wow, (a real young photo of Blake with glasses on) Blake Shelton in a flannel again, that’s giving me Zuma vibes right now like age 14, about ready to bust into manhood and be the most gorgeous man alive, the sexiest man alive. So, yeah, I feel you, Blake. I see it coming through in that photo.”

A picture of Shelton on the set of The Voice pops up. She says, “Oh, God, please, I can’t even look at that; that’s giving me like falling in love with Blake Shelton vibes right there. Yes, yes, that’s all I have to say about that.”

Gwen then pulls up an image of herself in one of her husband’s light blue and peach-colored flannels. She explains, “Oh yeah, that’s a very, very famous flannel. I think my parents gave him that flannel for like his birthday or Christmas, and it was like the thing that you’re like, ‘You’re gonna wear that one again?’ At first, you’re like, ‘That’s a lot of time in that flannel, and then all of a sudden it became like very sentimental, and it’s still in the closet, and we will never throw it away.”

Then a current Season 22 The Voice image shows up, and she says, “Wow, here we are 2022, Season 22, and Blake Shelton in his latest look, a red flannel, a classic cowboy. We love you, Blake.”

Stefani captioned the video on Instagram, “@blakeshelton is always my favorite, but especially in flannel gx #TheVoice.”

NBC’s The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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