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Jason Aldean’s voice is prominent in the new Paramount Plus documentary 11 Minutes. The doc tells the story of the Route 91 Las Vegas massacre on October 1, 2017, where a shooter took the lives of 58 people in the concert crowd, making it the deadliest mass shooting by an individual is U.S. history.

In the doc, Jason describes how his bass player, Tully Kennedy, was mere inches away from being hit by a bullet onstage. He also recalls being hustled offstage and hiding in his tour van with his wife, Brittany, who was then seven months pregnant with the couple’s first son, Memphis.


Aldean posted a clip of the new documentary on his Instagram and wrote, “There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t think about our Route 91 family and all the heroes that day. 11 Minutes, the first ever docuseries telling the story of what happened that night, is out now streaming on Paramount+. #Route91 #VegasStrong.”

Several fans reacted to the post, including one who wrote, “We will never forget.” Another fan commented, “The night that changed our lives forever #route91family – Route91 family!” One more fan said, “Forever bonded! Cannot believe it’s been 5 years since we experienced this traumatic event. Never forget the 58!”

In 2019, Jason played a show in Las Vegas for the first time since the shooting two years earlier. He told the crowd at Park MGM’s Theater, “It’s a real special night for us. We got a lotta people in the crowd tonight who are family to us, so welcome out, everybody. It’s good to be back in Las Vegas. This is our first show back, and make no mistake about it; we came back to blow it out for you tonight.”

This year, after his win for “Single of the Year” for his duet (“If I Didn’t Love You”) with Carrie Underwood at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas, Jason was asked about that fateful day in 2017. He responded, “It’s not quite the way I wanted to be attached to the city by any means, but I do feel a special connection to the city, more so since Route 91.”

He added, “I enjoy coming back here, man. I always have a great time being here. Some of the highlights of my career happened in this town and at this particular show [The ACM Awards.] So, I have a lot of great memories from here.”

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