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Time for Dubs Football Picks for Week 4. Y’all I’ve got to rebound here. The last two weeks, I start out perfect. I’ve picked the early college games right both weeks, then the slide happens. The late college games, and the NFL games have been my downfall. There were some weird finishes in every NFL game I picked last week, so I’m not blaming myself too much. I just want to get back to even here. So far my record is 4-8, ain’t no body making the playoffs with that kind of record!

This is the bounce back week, I’m calling it now. I made the same call last week too, but this time I mean it! If you missed my picks from last week, you can catch up here.

These are the games I’m picking this week

  • Kentucky @ Ole Miss Saturday at Noon on ESPN
  • Alabama @ Arkansas Saturday at 3:30 on CBS
  • NC State @ Clemson Saturday at 7:30 on ABC
  • The Chicago Bears @ The New York Giants Sunday at 1pm on FOX
  • The Buffalo Bills @ The Baltimore Ravens Sunday at 1pm on CBS
  • The Kansas City Chiefs @ The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday at 8:20 on NBC

Here is a list of all of the games this weekend, so you can see where and when your favorite team is playing.

These are Dubs Football Picks for Week 4. Lock ’em in!