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Hardy took to his Instagram to update fans on his condition after Sunday morning’s (10/2) bus crash near Nashville. He stood in front of Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville and gave fans and friends a video update.

He said in the video he posted on Instagram, “What’s up, guys, Hardy here, just giving an update on myself. I am okay. I just got done hanging out with Tanner [Gallagher]; Tanner is okay. Noah [Brown] is okay. We still want you guys to pray for our bus driver, Ricky, who is still not in the clear yet. So if you guys could please pray for him, that would be greatly appreciated.”

He continued, “I have decided that it is in my best interest to cancel the shows that I have coming up, and that is Arlington, Texas, and that is Flanagan’s in Columbus, Ohio. I’m very sorry, but it’s just what I need to do right now. Ernest will be taking my place in Arlington, Texas, and we will reschedule Flanigans in Columbus, Ohio, for July 1, 2023.”

Hardy concluded with, “I love you guys; thank you for all the love and support, just keep praying for Ricky, my bus driver; he really needs it, and he got a good report tonight, but he needs all the love and all the prayers that he can get. I love you guys, and we will one hundred percent bounce back from this; it’s gonna be bigger and better than it ever was before, and we will be fine in time. Thank you again, and see you guys out there.”

Hardy captioned the Instagram post, “Update on me, my friends, and shows for the next two weeks.”

Many fans and friends reacted to the post, including Cole Swindell, who commented, “Love you, brother.”

Morgan Wallen also recorded a video message to his Insta stories telling fans about Ernest replacing Hady at his first stadium concert in Arlinton, Texas, on Saturday (10/8). Morgan said, “I will still be playing that show, but Hardy, unfortunately, will not be.” He explained about Hardy’s bus crash, adding, “Hardy, man, I think you know how hard I wanted you to be a part of my first stadium show but way more important than that, I am just glad you are alive.”

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