Waiting for the vet to come in the room, and really unsure of what's going on.

Today was a big day.  It was my puppy’s first vet visit.  You might remember, I added a new family member a few weeks ago.  Well, we weren’t able to get an appointment with the vet until today.

The Nerves Were REAL

Honestly, I was a bit nervous.  Waylon hasn’t ridden in a vehicle since my fiancé brought him home (and that wasn’t the easiest experience for him). So of course, I was hoping he would do well in the Jeep.  You know… like sit in his seat, and not use the bathroom or get carsick! Also, there was the fact that his brother and sister weren’t thrilled I was taking him, and not them.  They don’t like to miss out!

The Ride

Once I got him out to the Jeep, he gave me the biggest puppy eyes!  I felt so bad, and he looked extremely sad.  I was overwhelmed thinking, “What if he thinks I’m going to dump him somewhere?” Because I can only imagine that’s what happened to him for him to wind up on my fiancé’s job site.  I do know that he’s terrified of cars.  Every morning during our walk, he pulls away and sits down when cars come by.

I made sure to reassure him the entire ride, and kept my hand on him almost the whole time.  We got to the vet a few minutes early, so I got him out and let him sniff around before going in.  Thankfully there weren’t other dogs out there, or even inside when we got in.  And my vet is great about getting us into a room pretty quickly too! He did get to interact with a few people to start, and although he was nervous, he did great!

Puppy’s First Vet Visit

First things first… we had to do a weigh-in!  Now, at home, I’d tried to weigh him… and on Sunday, I gauged he was about 22 pounds.  Today, they weighed him, and he is 23.76 pounds!  Pretty sure my little chunk has gained around 10-12 pounds in the three weeks since he was rescued!

They did the whole check-up, and gave him his vaccines and de-wormer.  The vet checked him all over, listened to his heart, and looked at his teeth.  Their guess is he’s around 14 weeks (3 1/2 months or so).  He just has started losing baby teeth– and the vet says they usually lose their canine teeth around 5 months.

Exam Results

He does have some itchy skin, and a bit of a rash.  So, he’s going to be taking some antibiotics for a skin infection.  He also was “loaded with hook worms” according to the vet.  So hoping the de-wormer will take care of all that!  Although he hasn’t had any symptoms that would indicate worms.  Hopefully we caught it early enough!

Of course at some point we will have him neutered… but after a physical exam, he has an issue where he won’t have a regular neuter… So that makes this puppy mom a little nervous.  We still have some time before that happens…

Good Experience

Overall though, he did GREAT at the vet.  He was very sweet and let them look him over with no problems!  While we were waiting on the fecal test, he did do a quick bark and growl when he heard another dog.  Honestly, it surprised and scared me.  He usually doesn’t bark unless he’s playing with Harley, wants my attention, or wants his food right then!

The ride home, he seemed a bit more relaxed.  He was panting a bit, so I turned on some AC and pointed the vents right at him.  When we came into the neighborhood, it was almost like he knew… he perked up a bit, sat up and started looking around.

Got him back in the house, made up with his brother and sister, then took a quick potty break before mom had to head into work.  Now just hoping he doesn’t feel too bad after his shots… and that his antibiotic works QUICK!

Enjoy a few photos from my puppy’s first vet visit!