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Maren Morris appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel this week and among the things they talked about was her guest-hosting his show not long ago.

Jimmy said to Maren, “The last time you were here, you guest-hosted the show for me, and thank you for doing that. Was that fun for you?” Morris joked, “Yeah, I feel like it’s not that hard of a job” Kimmel laughs, “It’s funny you say that because they were saying yeah, we rolled this comedy song, and she didn’t even rehearse it, and she did it perfectly. She went right on and did it perfectly; I was like, ‘Oh.'”

Maren added, “No, I am totally kidding; it’s crazy how much you have to do; you have to ask people questions, you have to appear interested, and that’s hard sometimes.” Jimmy asked, “Did you have trouble appearing interested? Willie Nelson was your guest; he’s interesting.” She replied, “Yeah, Willie Nelson, I got to interview; he’s from Texas, so it’s legendary anyway. He was my first interview of the night, so it felt nice to break the ice with Willie. I don’t know how you keep these interviews on the rails most of the time.”

Kimmel then asked her about being on the road with her two-and-a-half-year-old son Hayes, and she told him how much he loved being on a bus, saying that when she can’t take him with her for a run, he bursts into tears. She offered Of hayes’ road life, “He’s loving it.”

She added, “He has a little crib; it looks like a cage, but it’s so he doesn’t roll out or is safe during the night, but he’s bolted in.” Morris said she loves taking him out because he’s got to see every children’s museum and every Zoo all over the country. She said, “He’s two and a half and already cultured.”

Maren posted a photo of herself appearing on Kimmel and an audio clip of getting her son to recognize Jimmy Kimmel’s name. In the clip, Hayes says “Jimmel Camel” or “Jimmy Donkey,” and his mom corrects him. She wrote along with the post, “Thanks for having me @jimmykimmellive. Swipe to hear my son not quite grasping the concept of what I was on. See you at the Hollywood Bowl tonight, LA!.”

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