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Faith Hill performs the National Anthem before the start of Super Bowl XXXIV between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. January, 30 2000.

With this week’s Country Cover Songs, we look at Faith Hill Vs. Janis Joplin. This song is a classic, but no matter which version you prefer, it’s still a classic. The song in question is “Piece Of My Heart”. Janis Joplin originally had a hit with it all the way back in 1969. Faith Hill released her version of the song in 1993. And I think we can all agree that both versions of the song are awesome, but different and unique in their own way.

Lets talk about Janis Joplin’s version. It’s raw, it’s soulful, it’s rockin’, it sounds like 1969! Like I said before it’s a classic. You can tell that Janis was feeling every single word she was singing. I love songs like that. Songs that you know were lived by the way they were being sung.

Now we move on to Faith Hill’s version of “Piece Of My Heart”. It’s a little more structured, it’s a little more polished and neat. Faith’s version is like it’s meant for the radio, and it was, the song was a huge hit for her. It’s a song that makes you think about Faith Hill, and in fact you may not have even know this was a country cover song.

Can you say one version is better than the other? Maybe so, but it would be tough. Faith Hill’s version was the first one I heard growing up, and I’ll always be partial to it. However, Janis did do the original, and it’s awesome too. I think this is a case of both versions of the songs are great. In my opinion, one isn’t better than the other. They’re both different, and awesome in their own unique way. I think we can appreciate both versions.

Here’s Faith’s version:

Here’s Janis’ version:

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