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Garth Brooks has been talking about it for some time now, and it has finally happened. Brooks got a tattoo to show his love for his wife, three daughters, and his late mother.

He just gave details about the tattoo he recently got. Apparently, the tattoo was a promise that he’d made to his youngest child. He said on Studio G, “It’s all about them! It’s front and left chest, it’s front and left back.” He also mentioned a sleeve of some sort. “It’s all about them being on my shoulder and around my heart and by my side.”

He isn’t ready to show off the ink publically, but he says, “I know my three daughters have my back and are by my side ’til I’m in the grave. But something about having them inked on your skin right here, by your side the rest of your life – [is] pretty frickin’ cool.”

He added that his mother, Colleen, is reflected on his shoulder while Trisha’s place, of course, is – where else? – “right here on my heart.”

Garth first mentioned plans for the tattoo in January, explaining the time had finally come to follow through on a promise. At the time, he didn’t give all the details as to why he decided now to get some ink, but he did say this, “I owe my youngest a tattoo, and I’ve got to figure out what it’s going to be, but it’s got to be done this year. We decided on it years ago, and this is the year I have to pay it off.” It is Brooks’ first tattoo.

In February, Garth said his daughter was “helping him out” with the tattoo. He also said he wouldn’t get the tattoo at all if it hurt. Brooks offered at the time, “My first thing is…okay, look – if it hurts, I’m out. I’m the biggest wimp. I don’t like spicy foods. I don’t like hot drinks, so. If they give you that numbing stuff or anything, they can give you [so] that you don’t ever remember having the tattoo. I’m in.”

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