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Jason Aldean and his family enjoyed a week at Disney World in Florida, and Jason’s wife Brittany posted all the fun in photos on her Instagram.

Brittany posted pictures of Aldean and the kids on rides, with princesses, in front of the Disney castle, with another family they enjoyed the trip with, and more. She captioned the post, “We had way too much fun in Disney to post! We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, highly recommend. Top three rides: Guardians of the Galaxy… Avatar… Soaring, I’m a sucker for a motion simulator and a ride that pumps scents throughout. All in all, this trip brought endless amounts of smiles and happy tears.”

Several friends responded, including Dee Jay Silver, whose family joined them on the trio, who wrote, “@brittanyaldean SOARING!!!. Good times!” Jason’s sister commented, “Ya’ll are just becoming a full-blown Disney Fam.” His sister’s husband, singer Chuck Wicks wrote, “I know you know how happy this makes me!! (heart emoji).”

In a second Disney post, Brittany shared a couple of photos of herself and Jason at Epcot, one hugging and the other one kissing. She wrote, “Without a shadow of a doubt, life is more fun with you.” He responded to that post, “Oh girl! U already know.”

One fan commented, “Need more of this on social media. Relationships (especially families) and the investment it takes to keep them strong. Thank you for this post.”

In January 2020, before the pandemic, Aldean’s wife logged the couple’s then-baby daughter Navy’s first trip on an airplane to Disney. On Instagram, he wrote, “Navy’s first flight was a success today! Mickey Mouse and Coco for the win.”

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