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It had been several years since I saw Reba McEntire in concert. Last weekend when she played Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena for the first time, it was sold out. However, I admit, I didn’t expect her show to be just as energetic and great as it was in her heyday of the mid -1990s when she reigned over country music.

Back in the day, every concert was Vegas-style for Reba, with set changes, multiple outfit changes, and more. At nearly 70 years old (I’m sure she would hate me for pointing that out), it was hard to believe she could put on the same type of show on Friday night (10/21).

As a journalist, I have seen almost every show that comes through Nashville for over twenty years, so I get a little numb and a bit jaded now and then, but when I saw Reba, something overcame me. As my astonished husband pointed out, my teenage years came flooding back to me as I sang every word to every song and had so much fun. I’m sure my kids would have been embarrassed if they had been there. That’s what Reba was for me: My crazy teenage years as I began to discover my love for country music with my best friend from high school, whom I texted multiple times during the show.

I wasn’t the only one singing along; almost 20,000 fans in the arena sang along to every word. I had never heard an audience sing so loudly or so much to what I assume were many of the soundtracks to their youth. At one point in the show, Reba could not hear herself sing and started to giggle, then put her hand on her heart and smiled with joy at the deafening sound of her faithful following singing along.

Reba sang for an hour and a half, singing 30 songs, many of which were her big hits, including her first chart-topper, “I Can’t Even Get The Blues.” She paid tribute to her songs that make you blue in her catalog, wearing a blue dress and then stripping off the bottom to return to rocking the crowd. She also sang a couple of songs from her gospel album and kept the four generations of fans on their feet.

Then she left the stage for one final costume change. We all knew what it was: The finale song of “Fancy.” She started off the anthem in a sparkling silver dress and stood in the same position on the stage. When she got to the chorus, a couple of stagehands ripped her silver dress off to reveal a little red dress perfect for the song and the moment.

Before the show, Reba was honored for selling more than 58 million albums sold worldwide. Universal Music Group Nashville President Cindy Mabe and Chairman/CEO Mike Dungan presented Reba with a plaque to commemorate the impressive accomplishment. It helped set the stage for one impressive show that reminded me why I love country music so much.

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