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There have been some fun Halloween costume memes going around, and Maren Morris and Reba both took to their Instagram to share in the fun of photoshopped Halloween Spirit Costume bags with their images on them.

Maren was the first to post a fun costume parody of herself with her arms open wide in a cropp top holding a tambourine. The costume package reads, “Lunatic Country Music Person: Includes Tambourine, Inclusive fans, Pickleball Paddle, Wig, Beef With Transphobes, Tall Guy Not Included.” Morris captioned the post, S P O O K Y (spider emoji) S Z N.”

She got several comments on her funny post, including one from GLAAD, who posted heart emojis. Singer Lucie Silvas wrote, “Child Size (heart emoji). Singer Julian Michaels reacted, “I am obsessed with you for this.”

“Lunatic Country Music Person” is what Fox News called Maren during the Brittney Aldean spat a few months ago.

Reba also posted a couple of memes that featured her, including one called “Fancy: includes Satin dancing dress with a spilt on the side clean up to the hip” and Red Velvet Trim and Perfume.” She posted a second meme of one of her called “Survivor, which includes kids, two jobs, gentle hands, and the heart of a fighter.”

Reba captioned the fun post, “If you can’t decide what to be for Halloween, I’ve got a few ideas. #fancy #survivor #trish.”

Fans just loved what Reba posted, with one commenting with more words to “Fancy,” “Heart-shaped locket that says “To Thine Own Self Be True” sold separately.” One more fan wrote, “As long as it’ll fit me good!” Another fan asked, “You have a Heather Gummer from Tremors option?!”

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