Today is Halloween. And while some people are done with all things spooky after the day… others live for spooky things year-round! You’ve heard of haunted houses and haunted attractions.  But what about the most haunted restaurants?

Now you may be thinking… for Georgia, the most haunted restaurants are probably in Savannah.  Which would make sense, seeing as Savannah is probably the most haunted town in Georgia. But, that’s not true, according to Food Network!

In fact, Food Network set out to find the most haunted restaurants in each state!

Most Haunted – South Carolina

In South Carolina, the most haunted restaurant is The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro.  This restaurant is located in Little River.  While it’s a sleepy fishing town, the restaurant is well-known for its local seafood. The setting is intimate, and the lighting is low… which sets quite a romantic mood.  But beware! You could be joined by some other-worldly guests.

At The Brentwood Restaurant, the most famous spirit is known as the “Shadow Figure.” The figure is most known for haunting the stairwell and the front dining room on the second floor. But, that’s not the only one who haunts.  There’s the Civil War soldier too who is often sighted at the window in the back rood.

But wait, that’s not all!  Hold on to any shiny objects, like your earrings. Apparently there’s a small boy who has been known to take them. But he’s also wound up returning them if he’s offered a different pair.

From their Facebook page, it seems they’ve got some Ghost Dinner & Tours! Might be fun to check out!

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Most Haunted – Georgia

And when it comes to Georgia… the most haunted restaurant is right here in Augusta! Food Network has The P.I. Bar & Grill at The Partridge Inn as the most haunted in the state. Although, it now goes by 8595 Restaurant & Bar.

If you’ve been in the Augusta area for a while, chances are you know a bit about The Partridge Inn and the spirit that haunts it.  Her name is Emily.  The legend is, Emily was there on her wedding day and received news her fiancé had been shot. Emily was so overcome with grief, she didn’t take off her wedding dress for weeks. Although she had suitors, she would never marry.  And many believe she died of a broken heart.

Many who have been to The Partridge Inn report seeing a girl with long, dark hair wandering throughout the hotel.  Some have spotted her at the restaurant, seemingly waiting in her wedding dress for her groom.

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