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A woman legally married a ghost. This is a story perfect for Halloween. This story is totally true. There is a 39 year old singer named Brocarde, and she is set to marry her fiancé Eduardo. That sounds like a totally normal sentence, until I tell you Eduardo is a ghost! I promise I am not making this up. Brocarde says that Halloween is like Valentines Day for spirits, which is why they’ve chosen today to get married.

She says that one night she filled her room with roses and candles and sang a song to Eduardo. He responded by leaving an engagement ring on her pillow when she woke up. I wonder if he went to Windsor? Anyways, Brocarde says that shopping for wedding dresses has been difficult, because Eduardo is very particular on what he likes. She says nothing tacky or too revealing, I had no idea ghosts were so picky.

Y’all, when I first read this story, I thought it was a joke, until I watched this video. 

She’s in love with a ghost! This is 100% serious! I don’t know if I should laugh, or be concerned. They say that love is blind, but when you can’t even see your fiancé, how does that work? To each their own, but this is a little too weird for me. By the way speaking of ghosts, did y’all see the video where my buddy thinks he caught a ghost on video? Maybe it’s Eduardo! If you haven’t seen that video click here.

Happy Halloween y’all, have a great day, but don’t go marrying any ghosts.