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Maren Morris sees many pre-teen and teenage girls singing along with her songs at her shows, and she takes the role model role very seriously.

Maren told us recently, “Yeah, I meet a lot of young girls at my shows in the crowd, and they’re always so sweet. I try to give them my guitar picks when I walk by. I hope they go and play guitar.”

She recalls her musical role model when she was just a girl. “I remember my first concert being LeAnn Rimes and just being so in awe of her. And I think I was eight or nine years old, and just looking up to her and thinking, ‘Wow, someday that could be me.’ [That] kind of responsibility is a huge deal to me.”

That got even bigger for her when she had her son Hayes in 2020, “Now that I’m a parent, even though I have a boy, I feel like through my words, through my lyrics, through my activism, like whatever I’m doing. Young girls are seeing it. Young kids are seeing it, and hopefully, they’re being inspired to just be themselves and not water themselves down or dim their light in any way.”

Morris has wrapped the majority of her “Humble Quest Tour,” with just one date on the books to end the tour in Nashville on December 2, 2022.

Maren just announced that she would release a short film about the tour on Friday (11/4). She wrote on Instagram along with a clip, “Humble Quest: In Rare Form, a short film + seven reimagined tracks off Humble Quest out Friday. This came as an idea to me near the end of my tour when my band and I had worked so hard every show to find new moments to make each performance magical and unique. We were able to reimagine the songs of Humble Quest in this very stripped, beautiful form at sunset on a hill in North Carolina. No lighting, no bells and whistles, just Mother Nature, music, and friendship. Oh, and some pretty good gin & tonics.”

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