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On Tuesday (11/15), Garth Brooks will release a new music project called Anthology II: The Next Five Years. It’s a story-filled recollection of what Garth sees as essentially the “second chapter” in his career.

The latest installment in his Anthology series of boxed sets sheds new light on the personal and professional struggles he faced during the years he released such albums as Fresh Horses, Sevens, The Limited Series, Double Live, and Scarecrow. Brooks said on Studio G, “It’s funny, man, what I never knew is the closure that it’ll bring you by just putting it down on paper.”

“The other stories from the people that were right there beside you when it was happening makes you feel like you can put this now to a close and go, ‘That was a chapter of my life, and I was lucky to get to live that chapter, no matter how high or how low the lows were.’ And I was lucky to get to be that guy.”

Meanwhile, Garth has more going on in the coming days than releasing a new boxed set. On his website,, a timer  counting down this coming Monday (11/14) continues to tick away the seconds, minutes, hours, and days. A message has been added urging people to “Watch Good Morning America Monday morning!”

Brooks officially wrapped his two-year Stadium Tour in September. According to the man himself, it was his last stadium tour. He told the crowd at Dublin, Ireland’s massive Croke Park, “I’m not from here, but you make me feel like I do belong here! I LOVE YOU, IRELAND!!!!!”

He played five shows in Ireland for a total of over 400 thousand people. The final show marked the end of a journey that unofficially began four years ago at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana.

Garth said at a press event hours before the Stadium Tour began in early 2019, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…for my life. For my children’s life. Thank you for this band and crew’s life.” He added at the time, “We get to travel around the world playing music. And people show up to take care of us!” He added. “That’s the weird thing. They show up, they pay, and they travel to take care of us. That’s a pretty sweet position to be in.”

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