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The “A Christmas Story” House is for sale. You can own a piece of movie history, also a piece of Christmas history. “A Christmas Story” is one of those movies you have to watch during the holidays. The show it for 24 hours straight for goodness sake. That movie is always on in the background while we’re opening presents on Christmas.

Now if you buy the “A Christmas Story” House, you’re not just getting the house. You get the house, which sits on 1.3 acres. You also get the little museum that has props and costumes from the movie. There are also parking lots and lots to expand. You’re basically getting a turn key tourist attraction. How much will is cost? Don’t know, the price hasn’t been disclosed yet. You can see the complete listing here.

The current owner of the house says they’re looking for quote, “Looking for the right buyer.  It’s an interesting property to not only own, but you also have to take care of as a piece of Americana.  It’s going to be an interesting journey.” I think this is really cool, I just wonder how much it actually is. I mean you do get a lot, but how much is it? Someone tell me!

I just love that you get the museum too. Do you get the Red Rider BB gun from the movie? What about Ralphie’s brothers big puffy red coat? If so, I’d be all in.

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