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Reba was thrilled to get her 17th Grammy Nomination this week, this time in the Best Country Duo/Group category for her duet with Dolly Parton, “Does He Love You.” It’s the second time that song got a nomination; the first was in 1993 at the 36th Grammy Awards when she won with Linda Davis for “Does He Love You” in the Best Country Vocal Collaboration category.

Reba posted on Instagram about her new nomination with Dolly. She wrote, “Never thought I’d get a #grammy nomination for the same song a second time! That’s the power of a great song, written by Billy Stritch and Sandy Knox, and great duet partners like Linda Davis and now Dolly Parton! Thanks to everyone who voted. Thank you, Dolly, for making a dream come true by singing with me on this new version of ‘Does He Love You.'”

Several fans reacted to the post, including one who wrote, “That is awesome news! Congratulations to both you and Dolly for your nomination.” Another die-hard suggested, “You and Dolly should do a whole album. Maybe a tribute album to Loretta Lynn.” One more fan commented, “Iconic as hell If y’all win a Grammy together.”

In October of 2021, shortly after the song came out, we wrote about the release of the song’s video. At the time, Reba explained, “At the beginning, when Dolly starts to sing, she has that beautiful whisper, and then when she comes on powerhouse, I’m like, ‘Omigosh!’ It just gave me goosebumps.” Dolly added with her trademark smile, “But we’ve known each other so long, we feel where we’re gonna go. I knew what she was feeling when she was singing certain notes; I thought, I’m not gonna let her out sing me.”

Parton laughed then said, “So, I mean, I love her singing; I thought, well, I’m really, really, really gonna have to woman up on this one. But I really felt it, though. It’s such a great song, to start with, such a well-written song, such a good subject, so I thought this time I get to be the Jolene, but she’s the redhead!”

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