Coors Light’s color changing nail polish lets you know when your beer is cold enough to drink or if it’s too warm.

‘Chill Polish’ is a silver colored polish that, once applied, can turn blue if the beer is cold enough to chill the glass and then your hand. (And it works with any beer, not just Coors.)

Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for Coors Family of Brands tells CNN, “We’ve brought our cold-activated technology to nail polish to ensure your pint of beer is just the right temp for drinking.”

The ‘cold activated technology’ is already a part of the Coors Light beer cans.  The cans feature the San Juan Mountains that switch from white to blue to signal when the beer reaches optimal drinking temperature (which the brand says is 42 degrees Fahrenheit.)

The Coors Light ‘Chill Polish’ will be available on the company’s website on November 22nd, 2022, while supplies last. And they could sell out like the Velveeta Cheese nails.