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Dub’s Playlist keeps getting longer and longer, this week we add Cody Johnson “Dear Rodeo”. I’ve been a big fan of Cody Johnson for a while now. Sometimes I’ll scroll through iTunes or Apple Music or Spotify and see what’s trending. I want to see if theres some awesome new music I haven’t heard yet. One day I saw this guy named Cody Johnson, and I was blown away.

I love that Cody is a throw back to real country music. Every one of his songs sounds like George Strait could’ve sang it, and I love that! I had the chance to see Cody live at The Country Club about a year before they closed for good. There weren’t a ton of people there, but the ones that were saw an awesome show!

Now Cody Johnson is a little more well known, thanks in part to the song “‘Til You Can’t”. That song has been a huge hit for Cody. Also his latest album “Human The Double Album” is incredible. Cody picked up two CMA Awards earlier this month. One for “Single Of The Year” and one for “Music Video Of The Year”. A lot more people are getting into Cody Johnson, and I love that.

This song is from Cody’s 2019 album “Ain’t Nothin’ To It” and you might have heard it on “Yellowstone” last season. It’s on my playlist and I hope it finds its way to yours too. This is Cody Johnson “Dear Rodeo”.

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