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Ok, Kicks Country, I need your help.  I just recently purchased a good old-fashioned blue jean jacket.  Now, I will preface this by saying that when I bought it, I sent it to several of my female friends.  I just wanted to get their input.

Now it was about 75/25 on love it or no, don’t do it.  So, with those odds, I went ahead and bought.  I like it, I like the way it looks, I like the way it fits.  I do not own many jackets of any kind because it doesn’t get that cold here!

Now Let Me Tell You!

Some of the things I heard yesterday when I wore it for the first time from my great co-workers!

  • Canadian Tuxedo
  • Love It
  • The ’80s Called And Wants Their Jacket Back
  • Torn on if I like it or not!
  • You Seriously bought that and then wore it
  • Why did you take it off while we ate.  (Thanksgiving Lunch Yesterday)
  • Let’s go line dancing
  • The 80’s Live

So now it’s time for you to vote and tell me. Kicks Country, I Need Your Help!  Is it “IN” or Is It “OUT”   My feelings will not be hurt but, I do wanna know either way! Check out these two photos, and scroll down to cast your vote!