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A big congratulations to the viral TikTok couple from Augusta on their recent engagement announcement! Taylor and Sophia have won the hearts of many TikTok users. In fact, they now have over 3.7 million followers.

Viral TikTok Couple from Augusta

The rise to TikTok stardom came out of the blue for the couple. And it all seemed to happen pretty quickly! Their joint account, @taylorrandsoph, is where the couple shares hilarious videos. Often, these videos include various pranks the two play on each other.

Other Ventures

Additionally, the couple started other ventures throughout the past few months.  They recently launched an apparel line called The Gospel Collective. It’s a Christian apparel brand with hoodies and t-shirts.

Sophia also has an online boutique she started a few years ago, but had put it on pause when things got busy.

In addition, the couple also has a YouTube channel where they post longer videos. Some of these videos include “A Day In Our Life” style videos, a UGA Game Day Vlog, and also a fun video of time they spent with another viral TikTok couple, Hunter and Devin (known as @thecordlefamily on TikTok).

Taylor and Sophia’s Engagement Announcement

The adorable couple shared the engagement announcement on their various social media platforms yesterday.

While all the details haven’t been made known, another Instagram post promises the full engagement video will be posted on their YouTube channel soon.

Congratulation again to Taylor and Sophia!  We enjoy all of your great videos! And we look forward to seeing you guys continue to grow and entertain the masses through your platform!

Viral Augusta Couple on TikTok - Our Favorite Videos

Taylor and Sophia, a local couple, just recently went viral on TikTok.  They began posting videos at the end of June, and just over a month later, they’ve gained over 1.5 million followers.  The account shares the couple’s pranks and sweet moments.  So we decided to pick some of our favorites to share with you!