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You could win a McGold card, which would score you free McDonalds for life! Apparently the McGold card has been around for a while. There are some celebrities who have one. Bill Gates and Rob Lowe supposedly have one, and you could be next! McDonalds is giving away a dozen cards. There will be three winners, and those three people get cards for themselves and three friends.

You can enter to win through the McDonalds app starting December 5th. The promotion will run December 5th through Christmas, and the winners will be notified in early January. Every day you order food through the McDonalds app you’ll have another chance to enter. Now I know you’re probably thinking, what are the details? Is there a catch?

There isn’t really a catch, but there are some limitations. Technically the card covers two meals a week for 50 years. Big Macs, McNuggets, Fries, it’s all covered twice a week for a year. If you do win, you’ll have to designate which friends will get the cards, that way people can’t turn around and sell them. McDonalds values the card at $52,000, however if you want to take a cash payout, McDonalds would cut you a check for $22,285.

If you win and would like to designate me as one of the friends who would get a McGold card, I’d be most grateful! Think of it as your Christmas present to your ol’ buddy Dub! To read more about how to win free McDonalds for life, click here.

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