Kicks Christmas Wish

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season!

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Five: Alicia Partridge


Her Story: Six years ago my Aunt Alicia gave me and my siblings a home, on top of having a full house of her own to handle. Taking four kids on with seven of your own is a very difficult task. Christmas has always been a hard time of year, especially providing for a big family. After my uncle lost his job of eleven years it got even worse. Bills stacked up and they were falling behind. God blessed us with another baby this year, but with that came so many more difficulties. Alicia has been having heart problems with no answers. My uncle has been by her side helping, but missing work. Bills became an impossible obstacle to overcome. This year Christmas is just not possible for my family. They deserve to wake up Christmas morning happy and stress-free.