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Little Big Town tells us they enjoy a good Christmas movie and great Christmas music as the holiday gets closer.

Three members of the group shared their favorites with us recently. Karen Fairchild told us, “One of our favorite Christmas traditions is gathering around the television to watch holiday movies, and I know for Kimberly, it starts with…” Kimberly says,” ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.'” Karen adds, “Ours is holiday movies, and records, like certain records, have to be played in order for Jimi.” Jimi Westbrook pipes in, “You have to start out the season right with Elvis, a little Elvis Presley.”

Kimberly also told us about a holiday tradition growing up that her family still does today. She said, “My favorite holiday tradition is, it’s happened every year that I can remember that I’ve been alive. We would go over to my grandmother’s house and have Christmas over there, and everybody would come home to Mama and Daddy’s house. We’d sit down, and Mama hands out everybody a gift, and we act like we don’t what it is, but we do ’cause it’s always Christmas pajamas.” She adds, “So, everybody opens their Christmas pajamas and goes and puts ’em on, and we come back to the living room, and we sit around Daddy, and he reads ‘The Christmas Story,’ and we tuck ourselves in until Santa comes.”

A couple of years ago, Kimberly released a children’s book, “A Dolly For Christmas: The True Story of a Family’s Christmas Miracle.” “A Dolly For Christmas” celebrates the season’s themes of hope, love, and family as it explores a family’s adoption process. Inspired by Schlapman’s struggle to conceive her second child and how she and her family decided to adopt, the book delves into how her first daughter wrote letters to Santa Claus about her desire for a sibling until the family was actually surprised by their new baby girl, Dolly, days before Christmas.

In the story, all Daisy wants for Christmas is a little brother or sister. Her parents have tried everything to make her dream come true, but nothing is working. So Daisy takes matters into her own hands, praying daily and writing a letter to Santa Claus about her only wish. Daisy’s parents are touched by her firm belief and grateful for her help, but as they explain, sometimes you have to wait. God will give you the perfect gift when the time is right. In this heartwarming holiday tale, Kimberly shares the true story of Christmas when her family became whole.

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