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Should Dub shave his beard? We asked you that question this morning. Here’s the situation. In my early 30s I was finally able to grow a decent beard. I finally feel like I look my age. For so many years my baby face made me look so young. Of the two ladies I live with, one of them likes my beard and the other one hates it.

My wife Kelsey loves it, my baby daughter Maddie hates the beard. Well I’m assuming she does. Sometimes when I try to hold her over my shoulder, she just screams like crazy. My wife holds her in the same position and she’s fine. The only difference between the two of us is that I have a beard and my wife doesn’t (one of the main reasons why I love her).

So we decided to get y’all’s opinion on this situation. Should I shave my beard and make my daughter happy, or should I keep the beard and keep my wife happy? This is the conversation that Cody and I had about the situation and what I should do. Should Dub shave his beard?

We opened the phones up and Chester, Terri and Hannah all had opinions on what they thought I should do.

That wasn’t the end of it though. Pete, Kevin and Lee all wanted to weigh in as well.


I did a little research about babies and beards. This is what I found out.

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