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Years ago, Dolly Parton started making a little money, and she and a girlfriend decided to go to New York City and have some fun. Even then, she was Dolly… big hair… flashy dresser and all.  Dolly tells the story on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Dolly Parton Gets Kicked Out Of A Hotel!

“And so we checked in a hotel, and we’ve been friends since we were little, so we just got one room, and of course, I looked cheaper then than I even do now… and Judy didn’t look any better!

They spent the day exploring the city and got a big surprise when they returned to their hotel.

“And so we went out lookin’ around in the city, and we come back to our room, and they had our luggage out in the hall, and they had us locked out ‘cuz they thought we were turning tricks up there.

They threw us out!”

Yep. They thought they were prostitutes! Funny story!

Dolly has made a career of being bigger than life wherever she goes and is one of the best singers in all of music.

To this day, she’s still Dolly, and we love her!

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