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We all have words that make us cringe. They aren’t bad words. You won’t get in trouble if you say them in public, or on the radio in our case. However, every time you say or hear one of these words, you cringe. A lot of them I have a hard time saying. I just get this gross feeling in my stomach saying some of these words.

Cody and I started the list of words that make us cringe with the word moist. I don’t know what it is about that word, but it seems to be the one that makes people cringe the most. I said even the word damp is a hard one for me to say. The word that really gets me is panties. I can’t even say that word to my wife!

We’ve been married almost 4 years, but she can’t say the word either. I think it makes her cringe just as bad. Tee Gentry even joined in with the word projectile. I’m sure you’ve got several words running through your brain as you read this.

We opened it up to y’all to give us your cringe worthy words, here are some of the ones y’all said.

This just got y’all even more fired up, here are a few more of the words that make you cringe the most.

If you want to see more words that people hate to say or hear, these are a few more.

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