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You would think someone like Carrie Underwood would be full of confidence when she meets her die-hard fans one on one out in public or backstage before a show. However, that’s not the case. Carrie is kicking off the next leg of her “Denim and Rhinestones” tour in Miami on February 2. She will be meeting fans once again, but as she shared with Redbook in an interview a few years back, seeing her in concert and meeting her are two different things.

Underwood said, “I love being onstage, but that’s different. That’s not Carrie. That’s Carrie Underwood. The rest of my life, I feel like I’m incredibly disappointing to people. Like if I run into someone at the grocery store, I really don’t know what to say because I don’t have a microphone in my hand or bling on.” She added, “They expect me to be ‘Carrie Underwood,’ but I’m just Carrie. I’m sorry!”

Carrie also talked about motherhood in the interview. She gave advice to working mothers like herself, saying, “Ask for help. Accepting help is hard for me, but I’m learning. Sometimes I feel guilty that this is my son’s life: We live on a bus, and we’re in a hotel room, and sometimes we’re in the middle of nowhere, and it’s not so great. It’s not all glamorous. We have a nanny who helps out, especially when we’re on the road. But I’d feel guilty asking someone to watch him at home while I run to the grocery store.”

She did say that motherhood has changed her life for the better, “I definitely feel like it’s changed me as a person. I’m happier. I’m in a better mood a lot of the time. He’ll be watching cartoons, and I’ll be watching him. I’m completely in love. I love it when he’s sleepy, and I get to hold him and smell him. He doesn’t know I’m staring at him and being all googly-eyed!”

Underwood posted to Instagram about her tour hitting the road again soon, “Are we coming to a city near you during leg 2 of the #DenimAndRhinestonesTour? First stop: Miami’s @miamidadearena!”

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