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Whats on Dub’s playlist this week? I’ve been getting that question a bunch. Every week people are wondering what might pop up next. This week it’s a Georgia boy named Jon Langston. I was first introduced to Jon Langston about 7 or 8 years ago, and I’ve loved his music ever since. I can thank Ray Fulcher for introducing me to Jon’s music.

So Ray would put together these singer/songwriter events years ago. Some guy named Luke Combs was a part of them (y’all think he’ll ever make it big?). Jon Langston was a part of them too. That’s where I was first introduced to Jon. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jon perform live several times. He preformed at The Country Club back in the day. Jon was also at our Hot Augusta Nights concert series at The Miller Theater a few years ago.

Jon Langston has a bunch of great music, but this song is probably my favorite. I’m still riding the high of Georgia’s National Championship win last week, so this song seemed appropriate. This song is on Jon’s “Runnin’ On Sunshine” EP from 2013, it’s called “She’s So Georgia”. I have a feeling a lot of y’all out there are going to dig this song, at least I hope you do.

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So here’s what’s on Dub’s playlist this week. “She’s So Georgia” from Jon Langston.