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Jason Aldean surprised the crowd at a Florida bar recently. How cool is that?! Imagine you’re just hanging at a bar, enjoying live music, and Jason Aldean just hops on stage! How come this stuff never happens at bars when I’m there?! I want to be a part of cool stuff too! So here’s how it went down.

There’s a country singer/songwriter named Ricky Young. Ricky was performing a couple of weeks ago at a bar called Tiki 52 Bar and Grill in Tequesta Florida. Jason and Ricky have known each other for about ten years. Well apparently Jason Aldean was hanging out with some mutual friends of Ricky’s and his wife, and Jason decided to crash Ricky’s show.

Ricky said that he felt a tap on his shoulder during the show, and it was Jason! Jason asked Ricky if they could sing some Brooks and Dunn? Who’s going to say no to that? No one! So Ricky and Jason started singing “Neon Moon”. Of course the crowd wanted more, so Jason ended up performing a couple of more songs with Ricky.

Again I ask, how come nothing cool like this ever happens at bars I go to? I want to see cool stuff like this too! Oh well, at least there’s video.

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Here’s the video from when Jason Aldean surprised the crowd at Tiki 52.