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This week on Dub’s Playlist, I’ve got a song by Hardy and Morgan Wallen. Hardy just released a brand new album this past Friday. It’s called “the mockingbird and THE CROW”, and it’s really good. It’s half country and half rock, literally. The first half of the album is all country songs, and the second half is more rock songs.

You wouldn’t think something like that would work, but it does! At least for Hardy it does. I don’t know of many other artists who could pull off the half country half rock thing, but Hardy does it no problem.

I’ve been a big fan of Hardy for a few years. He’s a great songwriter, probably the most in demand songwriter in Nashville. However his actual music is killer. He’s had some awesome EPs and two collaboration albums called “Hixtapes”. If you’ve never checked those out, do it. I really think y’all will like them.

I was excited to hear Hardy’s new album last Friday, and it didn’t disappoint. Of course you’ve heard the collaboration with Lainey Wilson called “wait in the truck”. However there’s another country collaboration on the album that I was excited to hear, a song called “red” with Morgan Wallen. I’m calling it now, this song is going to be a huge hit, and just remember the first place you heard it, Dub’s Playlist!

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This is what’s on Dub’s Playlist this week. It’s “red” from Hardy and Morgan Wallen.