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Carrie Underwood shared an intimate part of her life as a mom when she posted a video she sent to her son. She shot the video wearing a bathrobe while getting ready to go on stage after Jake, who is now four years old, made a milestone in the bathroom.

Carrie says excitedly in the video clip, “Jakiepoo, good job! Way to go, you went pee pee in a potty! Yay! Good job, baby; I’m so proud of you. That makes mommy so happy. Good job! Yahoo!”

Underwood captioned the cute video on Instagram, “Was looking through photos from last year and stumbled across this video message I sent to my youngest, Jake, regarding his progress in potty training. Enjoy the ridiculous voice and attempts at encouragement (laughing emoji). Update: we are now fully potty trained.”

Fans loved the close look into her life with one writing, “Thanks for sharing this awww.” Another fan said, “Yaaay, potty training.” One more fan wrote, “You’re such a wonderful mother, as well as a wonderful human being, and an amazing singer, entertainer, songwriter., and more.”

Earlier this week, we wrote about Carrie and her son Jacob. She posted a sweet image of her son Jacob as a newborn baby on Instagram as he celebrated his 4th birthday earlier this week. Carrie also posted a photo of his Amazing Spider-Man birthday cake.

She captioned the photos, “This was yesterday…and now you are 4. Happy birthday, sweet Jake…my sunshine!!! God truly blessed us when he gave us the miracle of you!!! We love you! Thanks, @iveycakestore, for the adorable and delicious cake! You guys are the best!”

Many fans reacted to the post, including one who wrote, “Wow, cute cake! Happy 4th birthday to Jake!” Another fan commented, “Happy Belated Birthday Jacob. May you have many Blessings come your way.”

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