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At one point in 2016, Kelly Osbourne had a crush on him and declared to Entertainment Tonight that she and he were “dating.” It was not true as Dustin later confirmed. They met at Stagecoach.

Should Luke Bryan apologize to Dustin Lynch for the way he introduced Dustin on stage during his “Crash My Playa” festival? The internet says absolutely! Luke was introducing Dustin during the “Crash My Playa” festival and was basically just busting his chops. Its the same way a lot of artists joke around with each other.

However when the video of the introduction made it’s way to TikTok, the internet didn’t find it funny. Does the internet find anything funny anymore? These are some of the actual comments from the video of that introduction.

“Drunk or not, have more respect when introducing someone.  So uncalled for.”

“I love Luke, but he sounded like an idiot making that introduction.  Good grief.”

“I am beyond disappointed in what Luke said.  That was not cool at all.”


Here is the video, judge for yourself. Should Luke Bryan apologize to Dustin Lynch for this?


What Luke Bryan said about Dustin Lynch is absolutely uncalled for! Nobody deserves an introduction to stage like Luke did to Dustin. #dobetter #countrymusic #cmp23 #crashmyplaya #crashmyplaya2023 #lukebryan #dustinlynch #dustinlynchmusic #isaidwhatisaid #GenshinImpact34 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral #viraltiktok

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After watching that, I don’t think Luke needs to apologize at all! It’s obvious he’s joking, but the internet lost it’s sense of humor long ago apparently. They were in a party atmosphere. Its not like Luke introduced Dustin that way at the CMAs or The Grammys or something. However, Luke being the good guy that he is, decided to apologize anyway. He posted a story on Instagram for everyone to see.

Luke said,“Just saw where people are starting to chat about my introduction of Dustin Lynch. Dustin Lynch is one of my dearest friends on the planet. No one respects him more than I do and that night at Crash My Playa, Sunday night, the last night I get everybody out and my introduction of him was complete sarcasm.”

Dustin Lynch responded and said “Thx for the call, love ya bro. All good. We had a lot of fun down there again with the pirates.” Come on internet, stop trying to make something out of nothing, also get your sense of humor back!

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