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These are some weird date places! Earlier this morning we were asking y’all if you had ever been taken anywhere weird on a date. It didn’t have to be a first date, just any date. Sometimes I think people want to try and be creative with dates. I think that’s something we can appreciate, but sometimes creative can come off as weird.

On our Kicks99 Facebook page, some of y’all shared your weird date stories. Someone said Taco Bell. Another one of y’all got taken to Bass Pro Shop on a date, well when they run a sale, ya gotta take advantage! Am I right?! Another person said they were taken to a graveyard! I bet there wasn’t a second date in that situation.

Cody told me about the weird date she’d been on. She was on a date with a guy on his dad’s boat. The guy she was with invited a friend. That friend got drunk and started acting a fool! When they got back to the dock, they had to deal with law enforcement. Cody had never been in that situation before! All she kept thinking was I’m going to have to call my parents from jail!

I told Cody about the time I took a girl to an Oak Ridge Boys concert. We were both probably 19 at the time and by far the youngest people there. I don’t think we went out again after that. Then we opened it up to y’all. Your phone calls were great as always. Brice, Annette and Julie told us about their weird date places.

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