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HARDY is celebrating his sophomore album, the mockingbird & THE CROW, in a big way. The album debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. He said in a statement, “It’s just beyond every expectation that we ever had. To have the #1 album in both country and rock at the same time is so crazy and validating. I’m grateful to country and rock radio, our partners, and everyone for embracing these songs and this record. Most of all, thank you to the fans for getting it and responding like this; it means the world to me.”

Before the album was released, HARDY told that the genre-bending work that includes a Parental Advisory for explicit content. “I definitely know that although it’s half of a rock and roll record, it’s also my take on… maybe my spin on country music as well. THE CROW side really has a deep country-rooted lyric. It kinda opened the door for doing the rock and roll thing, but also opened the door a little more wide open for me to give my own rendition of country music.” The song’s lyrics include, “I’m a mockingbird / Singing songs that sound like other songs you’ve heard / Like Friday nights and headlights on some backroad red dirt / And how Mississippi’s home / I’ve always been a mockingbird but / Now I’m a mockingbird with a microphone.”

HARDY also talked about a song on the new record that is most like a love song to his new wife, Caleigh. He told us, “I told her beforehand I said, ‘Babe, this one might not have a lot of loves songs.’ I will say I haven’t really done a lot of love songs; if one makes it one there, then it does, and if it don’t it don’t.”

Meanwhile, HARDY is in the top ten on the country charts this week with his Lainey Wilson Duet “Wait In The Truck.” Last week, he and Wilson performed the song on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

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