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This morning we had the twenty cent debate. I need y’all to decide who was right? Was it me or was it Kelsey? Let me give you a little back story. My wife and I both use the same account for our Kroger fuel points. The last few times I’ve gone to get gas I’ve had a twenty cent discount. What I did each time was take ten cents for myself, and I’d save ten cents for Kelsey.

Well the last time she filled up, she took all twenty cents! She didn’t even think about me! I even recorded our conversation and she definitely wasn’t sorry about it. I put it out there to Cody, she was Team Kelsey. Then I got a text from my mom, she was Team Kelsey as well. Everyone was against me! Lets go back and listen to the recorded conversation that my wife and I had last night. This is how the twenty cent debate started.

Now that the initial issue is out there, sides must be taken! I put it up to Cody. She had to pick a side. Listen to the reason why she chose the wrong side.

Now that Cody has chosen her side, we opened it up to you Kicks Country. Carrie, Blue and even my own mother weighed in on it. Here’s what y’all had to say.

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