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Should kids be banned at certain restaurants? There is an Italian restaurant in New Jersey that is banning kids under the age of 10. Cody and I decided to ask y’all your opinion on this. Should certain restaurants say kids under 10 can’t come in, or was this restaurant wrong for this?

This is the statement that the restaurant posted on their Facebook page earlier this month.

“We love kids. We really, truly, do. But lately, it’s been extremely challenging to accommodate children at Nettie’s. Between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up crazy messes, and the liability of kids running around the restaurant, we have decided that it’s time to take control of the situation. This wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, but some recent events have pushed us to implement this new policy. As of March 8, the day we return from our winter break, we will no longer allow children under 10 to dine in the restaurant. We know that this is going to make some of you very upset, especially those of you with very well-behaved kids, but we believe this is the right decision for our business moving forward.

Thank you for understanding.”

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Should kids be banned at certain restaurants?  You can hear what Cody and I said here.

Of course after we said what we thought, we had to open it up to y’all! Here are some of your phone calls.

Y’all were pretty fired up about this! Here are more of your phone calls and Facebook comments.